Sunday, September 13, 2009

Benefits of Horse Shoe Ring

Horse Shoe Ring is a man made ring, made out of the horse shoe of a black horse (Kale Ghore Ki Naal). It removes the harmful effects of Saturn and Rahu, hindrances, effects of Mantra, Tantra and Nazar and other evil effects. Further it gives protection from all type of fears and foes by improving blood circulations and iron absorption of the body. It is to be worn on Saturday on 2nd finger of right hand.

One can spend lacs for Rajopachaar Pooja, Yajna, Upaasana, etc. To appease lord Saturn, yet there is suspicion in desired result. However lord Saturn can be propitiated by wearing a ring of black horseshoe. Once appeased, he bestows us in so many ways. According to Astrology, lord Saturn enters our life many times, as Dhaiya and Saarhesati. In any of such phases the best remedy is a ring of black horseshoe. A ring of black horseshoe is said to be the best for bringing success in various jobs.
During desperation and illness, if one puts ring made of horseshoe in his or her mid finger of right hand he or she gets rid of those problems. It makes life cool, calm and free of treachery and black magic.

Chant this Mantra on Saturdays for better results : Om Praang Pring Praung Sah Shanaye Namah


  1. Shiva Gems at Delhi is indeed the best. I'm overly satisfied with the horseshoe they'd sent me.

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